Girl From Guantanamo by Don RothIn The Girl From Guantánamo, Don Roth’s entry into the historical fiction genre electrifies readers with the harrowing tale of Pilar Ruiz, an eighteen-year- old heroine who, in 1958 Cuba, improbably changed the course of Castro’s Revolution. The author was stationed in Guantánamo during the Revolution aboard the USS Raymond. His unique perspective lends verisimilitude and authenticity to the story he tells. Pilar left her home on a sugar plantation near Santiago, Cuba at age nine for a better life in booming Miami, along with her father, the sparring partner of international Cuban boxing legend, Kid Gavilán, and her mother a former clerk at the US Naval base in Guantánamo Bay.

Poised to transition into a life of relative ease and privilege, Pilar was just blossoming into a beautiful young woman when Castro’s Revolution intervened, upending her family with the arrest of her father as a suspected anti-Batista activist and forcing her to flee the US and return to Cuba. Imbued with her father’s political sensibilities and a deep love for her homeland, Pilar, the scrappy girl from Guantánamo, would meet her destiny with pluck, courage and determination. She infiltrates the CIA and uncovers a plot to end the Revolution that forever alters world history in the process.

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“Don Roth may be a literary late bloomer but he is a born storyteller whose vivid tale is told with stunning urgency.”  

–Robert Klane, acclaimed author of Where’s Poppa?


“If you’re fascinated with Cuba — and today who isn’t — this one’s for you.”

–William Stadiem, New York Times bestselling writer and co-author of Daughter of the King: Growing Up in Gangland, the autobiography of mob boss Meyer Lansky’s only daughter


“Cuba conjures up so many amazing images, timeless beauty, beautiful women and the charisma of a soon to be great leader in Fidel Castro.  Don Roth’s melds these wonderful elements together using fact and fiction, as he weaves a compelling story of a beautiful femme fatale and a group of wily men that changed the course of a nation.”  

–Nick Reed, Academy Award winning producer


“Don Roth’s riveting tale of Cuban life on the brink of the Revolution is fresh, sexy, and exciting, and reads like it was written by someone who was there to witness it all — and Roth was.”

–Peter Callahan, award-winning writer director of Last Ball and Against the Current