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Sugar History in the Oriente Province

Sugar has been the backbone of the Cuban economy since the 1800s. An old Cuban saying “sin azúcar no hay país” translates to “without sugar there’s no country.” The price of sugar has taken the Cuban economy on a roller coaster ride many times over. After World War II, the price spiked from 4 cents [...]

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Women of the Cuban Revolution

VILMA ESPIN Vilma Espin was one of the female leaders of the Cuban Revolution in the Oriente province, and she became Raul Castro’s wife. She was born into a wealthy family of rum distillers in Santiago de Cuba on April 7, 1930. Taking advantage of her family’s status, she became one of the first women [...]

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Players of the Cuban Revolution

Fidel Castro The son of a Spanish immigrant and his former household servant turned mistress, Fidel Castro first became active in politics while studying law at the University of Havana. It was there that Fidel met and married fellow student Mirta Diaz-Balart, the daughter of a well-known Cuban political figure, Rafael José Diaz-Balart. Born into [...]

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The Role of Guantánamo Bay

Guantánamo Bay Naval Station, known as GTMO, is located on 45 square miles on the western tip of Cuba. The land which the base occupies was leased to the United States by the Cuban government in perpetuity after the U.S. helped liberate Cuba from Spanish rule in 1903. The stated purpose of the U.S. base [...]

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The Cuban Revolution

The Cuban Revolution began on July 26, 1953 when Fidel Castro declared war on Cuban President Fulgencio Batista in an attack on the Moncada Barracks, Cuba’s second largest military facility. Led by Fidel Castro, the goal of the movement was to unseat the U.S.-backed Batista, who had seized power in a coup the previous year. [...]

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